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About False Posts

About False Posts

This Portal’s enterprise, is not a News Agency or Press Producer and does not intend to be one. Established as a Social Network it just provides the platform for Info exchanging through scientific or professional Posts, Polls, Blogs, Fora, Conferences and Ads amongst its Users as well as a Workspace, facilitated with tools, for online Collaboration / Cooperation acts.

The “Editorial Team’s Picks” that Collaborationacts.com provides as an admin, directs always to the Url where the “Title” and a direct snippet or a summary of any info comes from and has always the relevant legal permit by the author, the Press release provider or the Info Producer.

It is the Users who may decide to act as authors, or reproducers or just readers every time.

In addition, this portal provides the author with the possibility to let the Users know if he allows the Reproduction of his Post or not by setting this field in the “Submit a Post” form.

Since the Users of this portal are Scientists, Academics or any type of Professionals in each field, the User who posts or reads information has the ultimate responsibility of cross-checking the accuracy and precision of it or evaluate it.

We believe that the non-specialized administrator of any information could easily become a victim of misinformation or even a perpetrator, serving economic, national, religious, political or idealistic purposes. This can happen even to the most trusted International News Agencies, to famous Research institutes, to famous Education Institutes, but also to the most virtuous Private or Social Enterprises or even Charity clubs and organizations.

On this basis, trying to avoid to act as above, we consider that the only way to curb false information is to let the Information be released freely and democratically, thus it can be thematically controlled by as many skilled people as possible in each specific profession or activity; thus, each participant’s step in progress can be made faster and on fixed basis.