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Privacy Policy

Collaborationacts.com, as a Web Services Provider, has adapted its Privacy Policy according to the new, by May 25, 2018, GDPR of European Union, as following:

The User, in accordance with the "Terms of Use", must be over 18 years of age. The User may have direct access to his / her Personal Data of Compulsory Data from the address of his / her Registry and may change them at any time. For changes to mandatory information the user will receive a notice. The mandatory subscription data is the privacy for each user. Non-mandatory items can be updated by the user on the Registry-Profile page at any time under his / her responsibility as they are provided to other (registered) Users, according to their own will. Since this Portal is a social network, but also a professional marker and a workspace, this is the reason that contacts are made using only the username.

Collaborationacts.com is protected with encrypted SSL to protect the privacy of its users, with particular emphasis on financial data and logins, etc.

In addition to the mandatory user subscription information, no other item is further processed by the cookies installed, which are used to identify its Url, thus enhancing the security of this Portal and its users. Cookies are also used on this site to improve your online experience. If you navigate this site without replying to the relevant warning found when you land on the first page, that means you agree to its installation.

The cookies only include the username, password, email and name.

The above applies only to registered users who are logged in.

When we send users to payment pages, a cookie that includes the order number is also created.

In this cookie the user can not require access; otherwise, it is obvious that no professional user will trust the security of such a network.

According to the Privacy Policy of this Portal, the User's Total Personal Data cannot be sold or licensed for Targeted Advertising, Polls, Public or Private Research Company or for other reasons, regardless of whether these actions and applications are made by Users of this Portal or by third parties.

The privacy of the User and the data he/ she may disclose - his / her employment status, relationship status, financial status (tax, banking, etc.), email address, cookies, as well as more personal information such as habits, biographical data which, with appropriate processing, can identify a person (eg, fingerprints, etc.) in paper or electronic form - could be made available without his consent, to state authorities of criminal prosecution and only at the discretion of the Directorate of this portal, provided that the "User Terms" are violated by the user.

The User, has the right to change his data info or to transfer them to another Web Service Provider or demand by written Request to delete his Privacies; this process is immediately carried out by this portal’s Data Processing Department which notifies the user through an email response. Of course, Portal’s Directory records the relevant Portal Security Date for the safety of the portal and reserves the right to disclose it to other Users for their own Security - especially in the case of claims in Transactions and Cooperation.

If a User’s data is lost or stolen, it is technically feasible for this portal to detect this loss and immediately notify the User.

As of the role of DPO (Data Protection Officer) on the Server data it is the hosting company Top.Host that this site uses for Web hosting, which has submitted to us the relevant certificates of technical and professional competence.

In case of Loss or Assess of Privacy data, the Incident Response Plan is the following;

  1. We shall start by isolating any system(s) accessed by the attacker so we can prevent the breach from spreading to the entire network. Disconnecting breached user accounts, if that was the attacker's method, can help, as can shutting down a specific department that was targeted. This portal provides a complex security infrastructure containing multiple layers that can help us locate and isolate the attack much more quickly and efficiently.

To eliminate the threat and to prevent any further damage, the affected assets will be reformed instantly in order to be restored, and the IP address from where the attack originated will be instantly blacklisted.

  1. After we investigate the affected systems so that any malware possibly left by the attacker can be detected, we will Investigate and Assess the damage about:

  • What was the attack vector?

  • Was the attack based on social-engineering tactics or through user accounts?

  • How sensitive is the breached data?

  • What is the type of that data affected?

  • Does the data contain high-risk information?

  • Can the data be restored?

  1. As soon as we have the above elements, we will notify the authorities and those affected (in no more than 72 hours according to GDPR) using every contact media (email, mass mail, telephone, etc.). We will cite the date of the breach, what was compromised and what the recipient can do for protection from any further damage and we will provide them an analysis of the impact that can be caused by privacy impact assessment (according to Privacy Impact Assessment chapter of GDPR)

  1. We will work out on a security audit to assess the Current Security Systems and the Future Recovery Plans.

The measures to improve the Privacy security in Collaborationacts.com are the following:

  • We train our employees and educate them about cybersecurity.

  • By faithfully observing the terms about “Privacy by Design”, “Privacy by Default” we designed this site focusing severely to these terms. We provide greater protection than using only password authentication by adding additional layer of security, upgrading the mandatory privacy items for user who submits Posts or engage in acting applications of this site.

  • In order to improve the security of Privacy accordingly to the requirements of the new GDPR, all codes are mathematically protected, by using SSL Encryption in our site which today is the top protection system acceptable on web, adopted and funded by the most popular sites and browsers like Facebook, Mozilla, Cisco, etc.

  • The site’s daily function is back-updated once a day.


1 . How Collaborationacts.com use my personal info?

We use your information for these types of things:

- to deliver our services and to provide you with information about them

- to deal with your requests, complaints and enquiries

- to personalize services and give you info more tailored to your interests.

- to help us understand what kind of services you might use

- to contact  you about various things.

  1. What for will Collaborationacts.com contact me?

We will contact you about various thinks of which some very important are:

  • Notification for using Band Words or Phrases or prohibited Posts.

  • Notification to inform you about the end of Your Advertising

  1. Will my personal information be used when Collaborationacts.com advertises with other companies?

No, Collaborationacts.com advertising software does not accept sponsored “Targeted advertisements” from other companies.

  1. When does Collaborationacts.com share my personal information with other Companies?

We will never sell your personal information. We do share it with other companies in these ways:

  • When you Submit or Participate to something public like post a document or a Video or Participate to a Forum, etc., which the public can see and visit your “User Details” which includes only your Username from the Mandatory Items of your Registry form. Every other - not mandatory - element displayed in there depends on your wish to provide it or not to the public.

  • When we use other companies’ services to power our services, like voice-enabled devices, video chat services, etc., we will share an identifier for your Collaborationacts.com account with these companies. It's completely up to you if you want to use Collaborationacts.com in this way.

  • When by law we have to pass on your information to other organizations or when we need to protect you or other people from harm.

  1. Can I delete my information?

You can delete immediately your account Information. Keep in mind:

  • we keep a record of how you've used our services and the time that you deleted it, but this information can't be linked back to you.

  • we also keep anything you've uploaded or commented on

These types of info are kept for at least six months for the safety of the portal and the security of your possible transactions with other Users.

  1. What are my rights?

Remember that Collaborationacts.com keeps the right to control your personal information. You have the right to:

  • request a copy of your information

  • to ask us to correct wrong information, to delete it or to request that we only use it for certain purposes accordingly to the “Terms of Use”.

  • to change your mind, and ask us to stop using your information. We might not be able to help when the law demands not to.