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“Users may access Collaborationacts.com for free without registering by agreeing to the "Terms of Use" .

By registering users can :

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  • Receive e-mail alerts about new listings they might be interested in.

  • Post in the Blog “News Reports”, “Alerts”, “Announcements”, “Posts”, “Interviews”, “Polls” and Comments picked from other Media or authored by themselves and Vote for Polls.

  • Upload Advertisements.

  • Use “Plug–in” software provided by this portal as “Toolkit” in order to organize and facilitate their Collaboration communication amongst them.

The aim of this Portal:

This portal aims to be a vast and inexhaustible source of New Opportunities with a special focus on "COLLABORATION” – Synergy- development.

It is the tidiest, most facilitating and most practical service to use this portal therefore reducing or eliminating the need for mediators or time-consuming searches.

This portal is created to provide a service of global communication, suitable for business or social activities, with the use of specific Classified ads or other Blogging posts like News, Alerts, Announcements, Posts, Polls, Interviews, Comments, Advertisements, etc, in the areas of:











of, amongst and between every kind of Private or Social Corporation, Business Group, Individual Entrepreneurs, Freelancers or/and Professionals in every sector of:

Private Businesses

State Services

Non-profit Social Enterprises



Art & Civilization



Emergency Services


thus providing new opportunities in Progress and Approach amongst societies worldwide.

General Terms of Use

No User is allowed to use to any page of Collaborationacts.com . The entirety of this portal including its design, is copyright-protected by Eleftherios N. Panethymitakis Copyright  and is a property of the relevant company.

Every attempt of violation, obstruction, distortion or leakage of Data, Privacy, Copyright, Function and Security systems of this portal is prosecuted by law in accord with the country where Collaborationacts.com is established and the International Court of Hagen. The user is banned and the "Terms of Use" agreement gets negated.

“Posting Rules and Restrictions”

The Submitter of Messages (classified Ads), News, Posts, Interviews, Polls, Advertisements, Forums, Comments, Reviews, Reviews, Reports, Speeches, Press releases, Announcements, Books, Scientific studies, Images, Photos, Advertisements, Classified Ads, etc., is solely responsible for the accuracy and legality of the Copyright of his Posting in this Website.

The whole Posting and each part should be limited to only one language selected.

• Users must be over the age of 18 in order to use this portal.

• Recruiting Agency services is forbidden.

• Personal Messaging, eshop and auctioning applications are not supported.

•Each user is entitled to only one account. Our fees are per personal or corporate data for each account. Creating more than one account to avoid posting fees will result in an account blockage.

Contact details or/and information should be added to the right fields.

Images containing contact information or messages are NOT allowed.

• When composing a message or a Post, Users must specify their Category/ Sub-category and Enterprise Type / Activity of preference. This contributes to the needed clarity which helps the Searcher find the type of message he is looking for. This keeps the portal clean and tidy.

Spam is not allowed,

Items like

i) weapons / guns

ii) pornographic material,

iii) illegal substances,

iv) Fake, replica or unauthorized trademarks

are forbidden and must not be mentioned or/and imaged in any Messages or Advertisements.

• Visual content must not contain sexually explicit material. Adult services are strictly prohibited. This includes adult photography, prostitution, Erotic performance, erotic escort services and any similar services. 

•Messages, Posts and Advertisements should not be against religion, sexuality, race, etc.

•Messages, Posts and Advertisements about "Jail-Breaking", "flashing", "chipping" or modifying of electronic devices are not allowed.

•Messages, regarding Currency Exchange Serviced are not allowed

Nazi memorabilia

• Nazi propaganda

• Illustrations of Adolf Hitler or/and the Nazi swastika / Hakenkreuz

• SS uniforms


are not allowed.

Political symbols are not allowed.

Stolen goods are not allowed.

Hate Messages, Posts or Advertisements are not allowed.

• Users are not allowed to post any defamatory, abusive, threating, or obscene material.

 If a user proceeds in posting unauthorized content, he will be notified to withdraw it within 12 hours and replace it with no cost. In case he does not, our department of Content Control will do it for them.

When the 3-notification limit is reached for the corresponding unauthorized messages, user receive a ban and the "Terms of Use" agreement gets negated forever.

In both cases above there is no refund of the Message’s or Advertisement’s payment.


Users can contribute to content control by communicating with Collaborationacts.com when they come across a violation of the Rules and Restrictions above.


Liability limitations of / Responsibility Confinements for Collaborationacts.com

Collaborationapps.com, despite being responsible for its normal and constant function, it also operates as social networking forum and as a platform which facilitates the procedure of every kind of online Cooperation Classified ad or Advertisement etc. and not as a material producer or as a supervisor of material circulation on the part of credibility, offense toward people or symbols, circumstances, adequacy, trustworthiness, demeanor, morality etc.

No datum can be deemed as an Approval, Statement, Surety of Rights or Outcomes/Results on the part of Collaborationacts.com

Hence, it cannot be held liable for the aforementioned, apart from its right to:

i) Partially or completely obstruct the exposure of data

ii) Complain about each user's contract in case Collaborationacts.com is correspondingly accused or something analogous comes to the attention of Collaborationacts.com.

A constant effort of maintaining an unhampered anti-malware and excellent function is being made on a 24/7 basis. In case such a protection is rendered unavailable or dysfunctional due to maintenance, network malfunction, unforeseen malware infection or malicious acts, Collaborationacts.com cannot be deemed responsible.

In case a user undergoes damage, either economic, clientelistic, indirect, direct or consequential; after his visit on Collaborationacts.com, it is not acknowledged because it is not referenced in the Ascension of Responsibilities below.

Accountability of Collaborationacts.com

1. In case of violation of the "Terms of Use"

2. In the event of disservice which is caused by inexcusable malign acts on behalf of the management of Collaborationacts.com.

3. In the event that disservice is caused due to deceit or misdirection of Users by malign and unjustifiable addition or removal of the Users' personal-data/material beyond the reasons mentioned above.

Privacy policy

Users' Private Info are necessary for the function of the platform which runs on Collaborationacts.com and the proper function of the portal.

Users' visible or invisible data, which they provide in their Database, is part of the Copyright of Collaborationacts.com and therefore they can be collated by the management of the portal with the ones which Users' insert during the composition of their message, in order for safe interaction amongst users to be established.

CollaborationAds.com has the right to keep Users' (banned or not) sensitive data, as long as it serves the purpose of maintaining a high level of security amongst users.

Therefore, Collaborationacts.com, has the right to investigate your Private Data with the help of third-parties as well as use web cookies and beacons which monitor users' accessed content, allow the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or save their site login information

Collaborationacts.com is deemed responsible to prevent the leakage of Users' sensitive data. In case of such leakage, research will be conducted. Moreover, Although Collaborationacts.com does not take part in the exchanging of Users' privacy details, unless it is considered necessary.

Collaborationacts.com utilizes the latest pieces of technology in order to secure Users' privacy.

Therefore, because Users' are hold accountable for any data loss or leakage regarding their "Collaborationacts.com ID Code/Password" to unwanted people, it is advisable to not share their credentials.

Privacy Protection is supported by the Law of the country Collaborationapps.com is established and the International High Court of Human Right in Hagen.


This portal makes use of cookies to identify/distinguish Users, deliver a customized experience tailored to a particular user, hold their log-in data and monitor users to secure their safety (prevent unwanted access).


“Account”: It acts as a database which contains Users' privacy data, payments and economic transactions as well as an email archive, which is protected by the Collaborationacts.com privacy policy.

“Banner Advertisement”:  It is the projection of any Trademark / Logo, or any Presentation or Announce throughout the pages of these portal which is achieved with the use of the application "Advertise with Us". In order to advertise, you must agree to the "Advertising Agreement"

Acts of advertising must not be used contrary to the "Terms of Use" like falsely claiming ownership of another's copyright, criminal impersonation, inciting people to act commit acts of aggression, sexual content, racism, Nazism, vulgarity, war propaganda etc and every other relevant action is prohibited by the local or the international human and animal right law as they are described in the  “Posting Rules and Restrictions”.

Acts of advertising contrary to the "Terms of Use" or are off-topic ( does not serve the aim of the portal ), negate this agreement and are liable to the Law.

CcCM: “Collaborationacts.com Contributing Member”: Is the Community of Members which enjoy Discounts for Products or Services provided amongst them.

“Collaborationapps.com ID code/password”: It is the “Password” which Collaborationacts.com distributes to every User in order to access the portal and all of its applications.

“Copyright”: It encompasses the right of expression and of intellectual property of all Collaborationacts.com users, for any projection which is achieved using the applications of Collaborationacts.com under the terms of the local & international Copyright Directory law and the terms of this Agreement. The totality of the projection, the software, and every subject which is governed by the Copyright for Production, Process, Correspondence, Distribution or Exploitation  is part of the Copyright of Collaborationacts.com. Users' Privacy Database is also governed by the Copyright of Collaborationacts.com.


“Edit a Message”: A page which is comprised of tools which help the User format its Classified Ad by adding text, images, videos etc. It is the same for Editing: “Recent News”, “Posts”, “Polls”, “Press Conferences”, ‘Revews” etc.

Editor is obliged to declare for every post if he is the Author or if he transfers from another source, naming it, the Edited Text or the Images, Photos, Videos etc. that concluded the post.

“Details ”: The totality of all the details of a Post, including its text, photo and video details.

"List" : Every published catalogue which contains all posted messages. Messages can be classified by their Reference No., date and local time, their categorization and the location which are reported to. Lists can also be displayed in Alphabetical order.

Pages: Pages can be static or dynamic and are governed by Copyright protection.. Projection pages and tools cannot be used for : …click here to read “Posting Rules and Restrictions”.

“Privacy Database”: The totality of Users' the private info which are protected by Collaborationacts.com.

“Respondent”: Every user who responds to a message.

“Societies”: Users – Colleagues defined by this site’s categories.


As a user, by agreeing to the "Terms of Use", I accept to contribute to Collaborationacts.com by any means possible in case charges are pressed against Collaborationacts.com or there is a demand for documents which offend, defame or damage this portal or a third party in any way.

Any obligation of reparation on the part of Collaborationacts.com is legitimate only in respect to connection equipment and its use and it is no way acceptable when it comes to personal or commercial disservice, leaked profit etc.

Assignment of Rights

The assignment of any right of the "Terms of Use" amongst users, written or verbal, is considered invalid.

Contract Dissolution

The negation of one of the terms of this agreement on the part Collaborationacts.com or the addition or a new one which will be made known to Users, will not bring upon the cancellation of the whole contract.

Users of Collaborationacts.com can ask for a dissolution which is achieved by its "Approval Response" on the part of Collaborationads.com provided that no disputes or loose ends have occurred regarding its terms.

Collaborationacts.com can dissolute this contract with a written statement whenever it considers it advisable for the security and safety of its Users and, its function and the protection of its goodwill.

Collaborationacts.com is entitled to dissolve this contract to save system space if Users do not make use of it for a period of over 6 months, so in order to use it again, registration must be reperformed.

Dispute Resolution

For any legal dispute concerning the terms of this Agreement, courts eligible to resolve them are those located at the headquarters of Collaborationacts.com